About Jina Anne

I enjoy design systems, tools, and processes. More importantly, I like looking at ways to improve collaboration and improving communication; I love community and people. It’s why I love design systems in the first place. Because design systems are for people.

My Outlook

Design systems are for people

  • Be open, inclusive, and community-driven. Open source. Share what you learn.

  • “There is no design system”. 😜 Or, rather than only focusing on the artifact (a style guide website, UI Kit, pattern library, etc) — see Design Systems is a continuous way of thinking & working.

  • Technology stacks and tools come and go. Be agnostically-minded and future-proof.

Design Systems are a shared ownership

  • Anyone should be empowered to contribute to design systems.

  • Close gaps (rather than simply bridging them).

  • Design Systems are more successful with cross-functional skills represented.

  • Avoid silos.

Hybrids have a place in design systems

  • There is no need to “bucket” someone to focus only on design or only on engineering. Let people shine by using their diverse range of skills.

  • The “design” in design systems is to solve problems for the overall experience. Everyone impacts that.

  • Designers who code and coders who design are able to show their work in exciting ways. Let’s embrace that.

Show. Don’t tell.

  • To get buy-in, don’t just talk about potential. Show examples and concepts. Prove it with visible outcomes and incremental progress.

  • Rather than aiming for massive impact that takes awhile, focus on the incremental wins. The smaller success stories cultivate adoption faster.

  • Share the vision with everyone. (Posters can help!)


I’ve been designing and developing professionally for 19 years (and longer as a hobby for 23 years). I created my first design system 16 years ago.

I call myself a Design Systems Advocate.